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This video is about the proper way of wearing different kinds of healing stone bracelets, like Left hand or Right hand.

Natural Crystals are formed by condensing the aura of heaven and earth for hundreds of millions of years, appearing much earlier than human beings. Each Crystal, Healing Stone represents a Unique Vibration Frequency, which can improve your Magnetic Fields and give you Certain Benefits.

Since the energy field of the human body follows the Law of ‘Left In and Right Out’, most healing bracelets are worn the Left hand because they could bring you good luck and other specific energy, I only listed part of the crystal/ healing stone benefits because there are too many…

Clear Quartz, the King of all crystals, it’s associated with your Crown Chakra, it helps purify your bodies and minds, bring you protection and reduce your frustration, it’s the best crystal to meditate with.
Amethyst, also associates with your Crown Chakra, it keeps your brain more active and clear, uplifts your learning and working efficiency.
Aquamarine, associates with your Throat Chakra, March Birthstone, it helps increase you persuasive power, affinity and confidence.
Garnet, associates with your Root Chakra, a very grounding gemstone, belongs to the red hues gemstone family which have the power to improve any relationships; if you are in the selling or service career, you really need aquamarine and garnet.
Labradorite, stone of Magic, associates with your Throat Chakra, a very claming stone that helps remove your anxienty and nightmares.
Tiger’s Eye, stone of Courage, which is useful for regulating your Solar Plexus Chakra, supercharges your ability to manifest and create success.
Citrine / Rutilated Quartz, stones of Wealth. They help protect you from excessive spending while using its natural force of natural to attract money.
Blue Apatite, stone of Peace. It associates with your Throat Chakra, it plays a good role managing your emtions, converting your bad temper into good moods.
Strawberry Quartz, stimulates your Heart Energy Center, increases your charm and heals the wound of broken relationships.
Golden Sunstone, it could make you a good day full of Positive Energy and bring your the warmth of the Sun.
Fluorite, stone of Harmony. It may help you achieve perfection through knowledge and balance your memories.

Crystal/ Healing Stones worn on the Right Hand to remove negative energy and emotions from you:
Black Onyx, Black Obsidian, Rainbow Obsidian, Black Tourmaline

*Special Healing Stones could be worn on the Left Hand and Right Hand.
Black Rutilated Quartz, wearing it on your left hand, it can play a good role in attracting wealth; if you wear it on the right hand, it can help drive away negative energy people around you or someone who wants to cheat on you.
Sugilite, wear it on the left hand, it helps strengthen the lymphatic system, various glands, and the immune system; wear it on the right hand, it helps your body detoxify, prevent cancer and remove negativity.



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