How to create a 3D resin shape without using a mould

For this project, I wanted to create a free-standing resin sculpture entirely made from Acrylic Diamonds and Resin. I didn’t use any kind of mould for either the crescent shape or for the base.

First, I drew the shape out on my computer and printed it on to an A3 sheet. You will see in the video that I also marked out where the metal rod was going to be placed. I then placed the print out inside a cellophane bag, however, you can use any clear plastic to cover the design. Don’t worry if you are not able to use a computer to create your design, you can simply draw it out on some paper or card and then cover it in plastic.

Mixing a small amount of tinted resin with your Acrylic Diamonds or Crushed Glass, using a spoon, add the mixture to your design. Build up quite a generous layer of the mixture to the plastic, you want to make sure that it is not going to flimsy and snap when handled. Then let it cure overnight.

Next, turn it over and repeat the process, making sure you once again apply a generous amount of gems/stones to the backside. Again, leave it to cure overnight.

Now comes the tricky part, you will now need to prop your design upright in order to create the base. Again using a generous amount of gems stones mixture, apply it around the base, making sure you have plenty to prevent your piece from toppling over. Then leave it to cure overnight.
*Tip; use at least the same amount of gems in the base as you do the top, that way it is not top-heavy.

Products used:
• India Ink: – US | – UK | – AU
• Liquid Glass Resin from U Resin:
• Acrylic Diamonds: – Alternative Product: – US | – UK
• Cellophane Wrap: – US | – UK | – AU
• 6mm Galvanised Steel Rod from Bunnings (cut down to size)

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