Gold Chain Care – Caring and Cleaning your Cuban Link Chain and Jewelry

It is important to care for gold chains and jewelry correctly. On this video, I show you the right way to care for your Cuban link gold chain.

To size & configure your own Cuban link chain, see our calculator below:

Cuban Link Calculator

The more frequent you wear your Cuban link chain the more the luster or shine on the gold will suffer.

To start off, there are certain things I don’t do with my gold chains, like take a shower with it. People ask me that all the time, but I do not recommend it. If you shower every day with your chain on, it will build soap scum just like your shower. There’s another process to clean the chain when that happens, but avoid showering with the chain whenever possible.

I also do not sleep with my chain on. This will cause extra wear down on your chain for no reason as you move around while you’re sleeping. Take off your jewelry when you sleep.

Regarding the cleaning of your chain, I recommend that you do it once a week. You can use one of the sprays that you see at the mall for cleaning jewelry. This will give you the optimal cleaning. You can also use a toothbrush with some mild soap and water.

If you use one of the special polishing rags, you need to exercise caution because it tends to make the gold color a bit more pale over time, which I don’t like.

If you have the chain polished, you also need to be careful. You definitely do not want the wrong person polishing your gold chain.

Storage of your gold Cuban link chain is also very important. Make sure that the links are not grinding up against each other when you store you chain away. The constant grinding caused by improper storage will mean that you’ll need to re-polish your chain a lot sooner than desired.

What do you think about my tips to clean and care for your gold Cuban link chain?

Do you have any special tips that you have when it comes to caring for your chain or gold jewelry? Let me know in the comments below. You can also get our Cuban link app (both Android and iPhone versions) below:

Cuban Link Chain Mobile App (download links):

Cuban Link Selfie App

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