Dyana Golden Eagle Medicine Woman Part B March 2019

Dyana Golden Eagle Medicine Woman Hopi/African Healer/Seer Blue Light Worker 2-hour talk & questions answered. Please Like & Share!

Part B of 3-5pm Talk 29 March 2019 @ http://www.magpiehouse.com.au in Upwey, Victoria, Australia. Please email gneo@yogaplex.com.au for full list of information now being released.

Telephone 0481 205 772. Please Visit & Like https://www.facebook.com/dyanagoldeneagletraditionalhealing/ .

Collaborative event: https://youtu.be/8Z73x-bzlKI Lawful Spirit Intro March 2019.

First six minutes of this talk: https://youtu.be/V59Rou_Uw6Q .
Part A of the talk: https://youtu.be/Lwk2aGHP30Q .
Part B of this talk: https://youtu.be/D41A3LLr8gw .

* Gate Keeper of Ancient Knowledge assisting All Creation, balancing karmic energies.
* Activation of Crystals, Feathers, Sacred with Ancient Chants & Prayers of the Ancestors.
* Sacred Fire Ceremonies to balance & clear karmic energies from all dimensions & directions.

Full Biography =

I’m one of a few Gate Keepers with ancient knowledge to assist all souls & all of Creation along with mother Earth in balancing Karmic Energies.

I perform the Activation of:
* Crystals, Feathers Sacred Medicines
* Dream Catchers
* Ceremonial, Sacred Tools & Instruments.
I perform these with the Ancient Chants & Prayers of the Ancestors.

The Celestial Dream Catchers are Guided by Spirit along with the Sacred Knowledge of :
* Prayers & Chants.
* Spirit also shares Your Divine
* Sacred Colours & Totem Animals.
* Each having a separate Vibration & meaning.

The materials we use includes Crystals, Agates, Beads, Feathers, shells. Plus:
* Natural Woods
* Leather * Yarn, and Hemp and other natural strings.
Personalized to Your Spirit Energies.

The Sacred Readings begin with the placement of an activated Crystal in the left hand with Sacred Prayer & Chant. This enables the proper permissions from the Collective along with activated Energies of Crystal.

The messages from the Sacred Colours and Animal Totems are shared to allow you to understand your life journey.

The Energies of past and current lives are balanced and cleansed. We also activate and align all the Chakra points to promote a completely balanced energy.

We will also deal with any personal questions or situations.

My Readings are Unique in that they can last from 1-3hrs or more depending upon the individual and their spiritual and energetic requirements.

I also conduct Sacred Fire Ceremonies to balance and clear all past and present Karmic energies from all Dimensions and directions.

In addition I also Clear and balance all Energies from your sacred space, homes at any and all lands. These Sacred Ceremonial Activities are performed the Ancient Ancestral way with sacred Medicines, Chants and Prayers.

I also use:
* Holy Water, Sacred Salts
* Anointing Oil
* Sacred Feather
Along with Divine offerings to Earth, Water and Mother Earth Spirit.

I humbly welcome the opportunity to answer any questions and assist you on your sacred Journey.


I appreciate you to take time in Reading my Bio.



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